Vintage Train station session

blog10 blog40 blog39 blog38 blog37 blog35 blog34 blog30 blog29 blog28 blog27 blog26 blog25 blog24 blog23 blog22 blog20 blog19 blog18 blog17 blog16 blog15 blog14 blog13 blog12 blog11 blog10 blog9 blog8 blog7 blog6 blog5 blog4 blog3 blog2 blog1When Charlotte’s mom contacted me about a session for her 2 year old girl I was so excited! She had a vision in mind that was inspired by Charlie Chaplin. She allowed me to pick out the wardrobe. The only props used were old suitcases and a vintage quilt. Id love to know what you think about this session! *remember never shoot on active tracks.  If you aren’t sure don’t risk it.


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