Meet Andrea

I’m a small-town girl with a big love for ducks. 

My love for animals started young; I grew up at a duck hatchery, and my family raised seeing-eye dogs. My love of photography came a bit later, and it only seemed natural to me to combine the two. There’s something about the beauty and innocence of animals and children that speak to me, and freezing fleeting moments has become a passion of mine.

I don’t live on a farm, though most of my clients think I do. I live in an ordinary suburban home with a fenced yard (my neighbors kind of hate me).

Currently residing in (and around) my home 

  • 5 ducks
  • 1 pig
  • 4 dogs
  • 2 bunnies
  • 2 guinea pigs
  • 2 geckos
  • 2 turtles
  • 1 husband
  • 4 kids

When I’m not duck-wrangling, kid-wrangling, or shooting, I’m probably sleeping or eating; if you’re a mom, you know my glamorous life. I truly believe that everyone is ordinary and extraordinary, and that’s what makes people so interesting.

It’s my goal to create photos of your family and children that take you back to those magical days of awe and wonder when anything was possible. I can’t wait to meet you!